It is easy to fall into the cluttered house sin which in most cases makes the house look and feel very unpleasant.

My husband and I are in the process of buying a flat in London, and gosh we have seen many.

I have noticed that for some of the flats even if well-proportioned and bright,  the clutter, the smell and the ignorance make them look dirty and hostile. Some other flats, even though  more disadvantaged in terms of size and structure, could catch your eyes through small organizational tricks.

Although it is easy to fall into the messy house sin, it is also not as difficult as you think to get your house looking smart and sharp with just a few simple tricks.

 1.     The shabby entrance

It might be small it and it might look insignificant but this is the first impression to a house. Gathered your scruffy  shoes and place them in an igneous section. Create an enclosed compartment – boxes could be a cheap and chic solution. Or find a bench with storage space inside. A cabinet could also be a good solution for storing shoes at the entrance.

Avoid cluttered jackets at the entrance. To overcome this – remove all hanging elements where jackets can be randomly hanged. Buy an in-closed closet or just take them into your main wardrobe.

Avoid mail and keys chaos. Be realistic – these items will be present no matter what so instead of trying to hide them try to create spaces for them so they look like they are part of the decor.

AgainstTheGrainDecor on

AgainstTheGrainDecor on

2.    Fade out the plain beige interior

Even if you like to stay safe, it doesn’t need to be dull. There are other neutral colours which match with almost anything ( keeping you safe) and which could take your house out of the ordinary. Try different nuances of beige to divert from a dull pattern.

Also use different shades of grey – which are as neutral as beige. Paint a wall in a slightly darker shade (beige, light grey)

You might not be adventurous with the big pieces of furniture – but you can add an interesting touch with small affordable accessorizes. Add some different patterned and textured cushions and rugs.



3.    Bathroom beauty product exhibition

We all know the advantages that come with different beauty products, however to have them exposed  could look chaotic and unpleasant. Not all visitors need to know what body scrub or mouth water you are using. Try to organizes them in clever/functional storage spaces, away from the visual landscape.

Also – remove the clothes like pyjamas or bathrobes from hanging on the back of the bathroom door. They look unappetising.  Create a closed space – so you can easily throw the “comfortable” clothes which you know you will reuse tomorrow.

4.     Cluttered coffee tables

In decoration magazines the coffee tables look impeccable – however in real life – they are covered with remote controls, old magazine, newspapers and a lot of other junk.

Create a separate compartment for remote controls so you can hide them in there.

Though away the old magazines and newspapers after your read them.

Magazines can be nice items for decoration – however keep consistency. Keep the magazines from the same category so they look like a nice collection, through away the ones that are not for decoration purposes. You will never read the same magazine twice anyway.


5.    Over-matching

The era when we match our shoes with our bag is gone. Same applies for interior décor. Don’t try to match too much. Matchy matchy could be tiring. Don’t be afraid to use different tones, textures. Forget about design for a moment – buy things that you like, things from your travels. They can bring a note of cosiness and personal touch. Mix and match styles and pieces  to keep your home from looking like a catalogue.