The studio works with clients seeking design input on small projects as well as major refurbishments and will provide  you with vision and inspiration based on the very latest innovations in style, texture and colour. It  specialises in full service design, including kitchen and bathroom design, and is able to produce technical drawings, commission bespoke furniture and source unique works of art.

Andreea is known for her creative eyes and flair for design, her great understanding of layout and lighting design, as well as her aptitude to work within set budgets and specific time frames. She can marry the beautiful and the practical via a design ethos that allows transparency for every project.

She is in constant search of new and original designs, suppliers, artists and craftspeople.

Andreea combines a Bachelors and Masters degrees in business administration with further specialised studies in interior design at University of the Arts London. She has a client driven approach, as she draws from her experience in client management in the advertising industry as well as from working for several years in a renown high-end design studio in London’s west end.

She doesn’t have a single recognisable style. All her projects are different, as are the personalities of  the clients. She likes to create well-balanced relaxed interiors with an eclectic mix of french, scandi, industrial and contemporary styles preferring a look of understated luxury.