So… I’ve been busy! I realized it has been two years since I didn’t sign in here. Life took me by surprise yet again. I had amazing experiences and adventures during these two years.

I met and worked along some amazing people in an interior design studio in the West End. It is called Interiors with Art. The studio is focused on high end residential projects in London and sometimes the middle and far east. I cannot thank enough my mentor Shailja, the founder of IWA who has introduced me to the world of details and the true meaning of design.

There are many interior designers out there, but not all of them believe  practicability and endurance are as important as beauty. Somehow the design meaning has diluted in this new era guided by social media and online picture sharing.

It is not enough for a space to look good in pictures. It has to work and it has to work in real life. In real life there are babies and pets and mugs of tea and dirty socks and pijamas and plastic shower gel bottles. Real good design is that which accounts for all these everyday factors and manages to incorporate them and still look good. And not only now or the week after, but in the long run.

In essence interior design is a way of thinking in details. The Italian architect and designer Ernesto Rogers once said that the role of the designer stretches from the spoon to the city. From small household items to the facade of a building which is ultimately reflected in the outlook of a city.

It is the ability of interior designers to understand human needs both practical and emotional, that sets them apart from other creative professionals.

Cheers to other two year of amazing experiences!

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