I am currently working on a very exciting project and I am so thrilled that i needed to share the news. Besides the fact that its location is very exotic, the project itself is challenging and full of opportunities for out of the box design.

To give you a quick insight, I am redesigning an apartment in Sao Paulo for a lady who decided she wants to divide the apartment in two so she can rent one side to tourists visiting Brazil.

I decided the style of the apartment will be a combination of Scandinavian with modern retro.

Scandinavian because designing a place for rental needs to have at its core  efficiency in terms of maintenance and cost, while looking clean, uncluttered and visually pleasant. Modern retro because the apartment is situated in a 70’s building and i thought keeping a little of its initial character would be nice. I think i will actually go back before the 70’s as I am really fond of quite a few early mid century and mid century furniture designs that i believe  are  of innumerable usefulness and can create an aura of individuality in a space. Moreover many classic mid century pieces have never gone out of production or if they have, in most cases re-editions are available, which make them cost efficient.

Stay tuned for a post with some of my favorite modem retro items.

Before that – back to the subject. Here is my first sketch of the kitchen for the Sao Paulo apartment.

Kitchen sketch