Colour is the outer layer of an interior space. This outer layer can alter the shape and atmosphere of a space. Blue can make a room look deeper than it actually is while yellow jumps into your face and makes things appear closer. If you understand what colour does you can use it to turn a space upside down.

We may think of colours as something constant but they are in fact extremely unstable and responsive to the continuous changes in daylight.

It is not only the external factors that alter colour, our individual perception of colour is the outcome of a continuous exchange between our eye and our brain.

Colour is a visual experience, not a scientific one. (Hella Jongerius)

Breathing colour is an exhibition that reveals the full potential of colour. As a designer colour is at the forefront of my work so this exhibition was a very fruitful experience. It is a guide for anyone interested in the subject as it provides background information about the different theories of colour. So if you have time, don’t hesitate to go check it out at the Design Museum!