Since the arrival of baby Tomas 6 month ago, travelling has been a bit more challenging. Weekends seemed to have gotten pretty similar to one another. So last weekend we decided to take a brake the 3 of us and go to Rotterdam to visit some dear friends.

My expectations of the city weren’t very high but I must say it has exceeded them. The city itself is not very beautiful and has hardly any old architecture. As our great guide explained this is because the whole city was bombed in WW2. So in an attempt  to re-build it and make it look fun and futuristic, there is a mix of all sorts of buildings which occasionally look like the decor from a 70’s Kubric film. Despite this, the city has a great vibe and is full of hip places.

It seems to be a very chilled but creative city where spaces are transformed and re-purposed for the better. The Scandinavian style seems to be dominating and most commercial spaces seem to all have an unique-cool touch. Even the McDonalds looks quite sleek.

The weather was on our side and we had a wonderful speed boat ride on the canal under the sunshine and a colorful sunset from the Euromast tower.

The food was delicious. On the top of the list stands the raw herring in the Markthal (huge market hall with all sorts of cuisines and delicatessen) and the Rotterdam cheese. Best apple tart in the Netherlands at Dudok.

Tot ziens!