interior design first post

Dear World!

I was planning to start an interior design blog for quite some time. It was actually one of my new year’s resolutions for 2012!

Better later than never. So here I am, in a somewhat scary but very exciting moment. This is the tangible start of an exciting journey!  I can now share my interior design ideas and discoveries in a digitally organised environment.

About my design style?! I like to think about it as flexible. Depending on who it is for, the generic mood of the place and the influencing living beings I have in my life at that specific moment in time. I like to experiment and always adjust my style to the new situations, however one thing that I believe all my designs must have is a soul.  A “worthy design” is seeing a ready designed room without the human element and being able to imagine the residents’ personality and lifestyle.

Well…this was my brief introduction.

Until next time!