This year’s CRAFT exhibition pleasantly surprised me again by hosting some very innovative designers and craftsmen.

Below is a summary of what attracted my attention.

Artist Janet Rogers creates some extraordinary looking glassware though an original technique. The end product has sugary texture, which combined with vibrant colors give it a very fresh look. You just want to take it to your summer home, and refresh yourself by only looking at it on a hot summer day.

More details on her website

Picture1 IMG_9089 IMG_9090


Moving forward  I was intrigued to discover Taisir Gibreel’s amazing prints.

Taisir’s collections are based on original hand drawings which are then printed on silk.

The result is a lush material celebrating color in unique ways. They are meant to be used in the fashion industry however I can very well picture them as statement pieces, framed in transparent perplex on a feature wall.


sarah-kerr-135-x-135-1024x1024 les-amours-des-micheline-35cm-x-35cm-1024x1024 DISTORTION-DISCUS-90CM-X-90CMsmall


Aphelia Opus creates contemporary knitted interior products and accessories made from 100% British wool. She uses very large knitting needles to produce a very textural, warm and cozy looking material. The fabric can be used for walls and she is working on the idea of how it can be used on floors too.

Would you love a knitted wall in your bedroom?!




Artist Alison Stockmarr created a collection of accessorizes poking fun at Facebook. By matching old photographs with books the ideas is to create a ‘facebook profile’by cutting apertures into books. The Face books have a unique appearance and a collection of a few on a wall could really make it stand out in a commercial space where they could even be a conversations starter.

Picture-Books-solo-show alison-stockmarr-7-updated

If you ever tried drawing a perspective you will appreciate even more the challenge that the artist is facing when creating 3D perspective wireworks. I’ll let Helaina’s work speak for itself.