One bedroom apartment in Kensington 

The apartment is situated in a very nice location in Kensington in close proximity to Holland Park and High St Kensington.

The brief for this project was to decorate a comfortable and visually pleasant interior for a modern couple and a cat.

They didn’t want something too modern and minimalist, but something rather cozy and elegant at he same time, with a distinctive touch.

They don’t spend much time at home but when they do they like to entertain small groups of people.

The biggest challenge was the extremely tight budget as the couple has already spent most of the money on accruing the flat. The budget was 8k and the client had no prior furniture besides a bed.

The flat was in a fairly good condition, so no other ‘construction’ work but painting the walls was undertaken at this stage.

I will focus mostly on explaining the creative solutions for overcoming the tight budget.

Living room 



Sofa from Next Home – 1000£

Ottoman from –  showroom piece – 300£



Round vintage dining table from charity warehouse – 10£

The table has been refreshed by sending it and applying 2 layers of duck egg pain. Sanding it again after the paint has dried has been applied to it for a further distressed look.

Chairs from OKA – 250£ per piece

Nets from Ikea – 40£




Bench cushions and cushions’ covers from  H&M Home – 120£



Black chest with drawers from Ikea 90£ – originally red, it was painted in a glossy black for a more elegant look.



The drawers’ buttons have been replaces with more unique looking buttons from Anthropology.



Two glass containers from Zara home – 50£ used as accessorizes for the black drawer chest



Woman’s bust from Zara Home – 35 £. Used as shelf decoration.



Serendipity wallpaper around the fireplace – 80£

Mirror framed in vintage picture frame – 50£ placed on the back of the fireplace to give a more dramatic look

Basket with blanket for the cat of the house – 60£



Decorative hares from John Lewis – 160£




Side table from Zara Home – 130£

Decorative plates from Mexico (from clients travel souvenirs)

Bar accessorizes from Antiquities market – 150£



Dotted armchair from – 900£

Rose wood table from vintage market – 300£

Table lamp from John Lewis – 150£

Vintage musical instruments from antiquates market 500£  framed on the wall as statement pieces


Open kitchen



Wooden fridge door – from local carpenter – 170£

Stucco Venetziano pain on the kitchen wall – 130£

Romantic blinds – John Lewis – 80£



Industrial ceiling lamp – antiquities market – 200£



Storage containers on the top shelves – H&M Home ( 10£ each)




Stand alone bath tub – 800£

Stucco venetziano plaster paint – water resident



Wall Mirror from John Lewis – 180£

Sink cabinet  built by local carpenter using Moroccan tiles



Silver plated sink – 400£ from Marocco

Crystal vanity containers – from local vintage market – 30£




Matthew Williamson exotic wall paper – 150£

Throw and decorative pillows from John Lewis – 100£

Headboard made out of decorative cushions on a rail. Cushions from John Lewis – 60£ each. Rail from John Lewis 60£




Ikea bedside table lamps 25£ with John Lewis Lamp shade 30£

Vintage suitcase painted white as bedside table




Curtains from Ikea – 150£

Sheep rugs from Ikea – 30£ each

Storage basket from John Lewis – 30£


Canary Wharf – One bedroom  apartment

•The brief for this project was to design a luxurious interior for a couple with a busy lifestyle who want to come back to a friendly but elegant environment.
•They don’t spend huge amounts of time at home but when they do they want to relax and sometimes entertain friends. They like to organize dinner parties as well as cocktail parties from time to time.
• The apartment is situated in Canary Warf.
•I tried to use soft colors and fabrics for providing a cozy environment with a sleek/luxurious touch at the same time.
•The apartment has an invisible kitchen – meaning that the kitchen can be hidden away with some glossy looking doors when guests are around.
•The bedroom has quite an extensive dressing area as the lady of the house is interested in fashion and has a lot of clothes. A wardrobe on wheels is used in order to allow for lots of storage while not cramping up the space.


Concept board

Concept board





Elevation A

Elevation A


Elevation B

Elevation B


Sample board 1 - Living space

Sample board 1 – Living space


Sample board 2 - Dining area

Sample board 2 – Dining area


Sample board 3 - Kitchen area

Sample board 3 – Kitchen area


Sample board 4 - Bathroom

Sample board 4 – Bathroom


Sample board 5 - Bedroom

Sample board 5 – Bedroom


3D Model

3D Model


3D Model

3D Model


3D Model
3D Model