1. PLANS, SKETCHES, ELEVATIONS – Clear and straight forward plans for everyone to be able to follow

What will I show you along the way to explain the project?

To start with you will receive scale computer drawings which show you the layout of the room so you can understand the proportions of the room. Elevations and sketches are provided  – especially for built in pieces, bathrooms and kitchens so that both you and the builders can see exactly what the room is going to look like.

Elevations represent full wall drawings with the heights where particular elements have to be attached or mounted, the width of each of the items, and usually name of the products and codes, so when the construction team is working on site, it is easier for them to install all the items.

This along with mood boards showing the entire colour scheme, fabrics, furniture, floorings etc will help to bring the scheme to live.

2. PROCUREMENT –  All items purchased for you and deliveries attended

What I do to make life easier?

Procurement is a big part of the service I offer to my clients. This is one of the most time consuming parts of the project and takes a lot of organising.

After we have agreed on a design that the client loves, I start ordering all of the beautiful items.

I do not order just furnishings and decoration, I also order a lot of the items the builders need. Lights, bathroom fixtures and fittings, tiles, flooring, windows, etc. all need to be ordered and delivered at specific times and in a specific order throughout the project.

Trade Discounts and Fees

Many of my suppliers offer interior designers a trade discount when buying items for clients. I always try to give some discount to my clients.

Regardless of the size of the project, buying through me usually equates to the same price you would pay if you would have bought it yourself, most of the times cheaper, with the added bonus of my expertise and advice,  time saving, stress free purchasing, sorting and installing.


As I buy everything for you, I have a copy of all of your receipts. This means that I will create a folder with all your receipts and warranties so you will know exactly where to go when you hoover breaks.

3. EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS – Access to trade only suppliers

Where do I get the furniture from?

My pricing is very transparent so I have no affiliations with any brands. I will always chose exactly what is right for the client’s space from different suppliers with no hidden interests.

I source products from everywhere wether from exquisite boutiques, high street shops or antiques markets, I always aim to find what is perfect for that space.

4. BUDGETING & COST MANAGEMENT – Breakdown of every item of your project

How is the budget distributed and how do I keep track of everything?

As a general rule construction is around 35% of your total budget with a  5%-10% contingency allowance for emergencies and changes that are usually made throughout the build.

The kitchen is a great investment for projects and is usually given a bigger share  (17-20% ) of the capital. Most of the other rooms receive between 3 and 6%.

You will want to allocate more if you are looking at a large amount of built in bespoke furniture.

Design fees will fall between 5% and 10% of the project budget.

I keep a clear log in a specialised program of all orders & payments, so every penny and invoice is trackable.

5. TENDER DOCUMENTS – Very detailed documents for contractor and suppliers

What are tender documents?

Tender documents are files that include all the necessary information to implement the project. Usually they include electrical plans, elevations, floor plans and other technical drawings that provide measurements, descriptions and product names for the builders.

The technical data and drawings allow for a smooth and easy installation process and limit the possible problems or errors.

6. INSTALLATION AND DRESSING – Installation and  visual styling to pull the interior together

When the design work is completed and all items are installed, I review the overall visual styling and source decorative objects, houseplants and curate the artwork, or I can dress your new interior with your existing treasures, to give each room your own personal stamp.