Although in the marketing world we continuously talk about understanding our customers and their specific needs stressing on the growing importance of personalisation and customisation, sometimes in terms of home decor it feels like the world is globalising too fast, too soon and doesn’t leave room for that personal, local touch. I do appreciate the importance of the big interior retailers and I am thankful to them. They helped spread the notion of interior design by making it available to everyone.

I have to say though, some of the accessorises sold by these big retailers feel a bit over used.  I guess this is because having some accessorizes produced in huge quantities goes against the concept of “accessorizing” itself which I believe proposes  personalization and authenticity.  I have seen the same photographic print displaying the yellow New York cabs in 3 apartments in 3 geographically dispersed places in Europe. ( Bucharest, London and Paris)

Luckily I feel that due to the development of online commerce, smaller merchants became more accessible, pushing the big retailers away (especially for small fittings)  and giving room  to more creative/unique decorations.

Below some ideas of where to get  some distinctive pieces for decorating your walls.


This is an Online shop in collaboration with British Vogue. They have around 60 items of vintage photography from the Vogue archives available to buy online.



Vlad Eftenie is photographer and architect who won the Sony World Photography Award 2014. He captures amazing urban spontaneous moments.



Eylli Sparre is an Estonian photographer who creates wonderful surreal images.



The print atelier is an online gallery of contemporary photography. It has  many images  in different styles. They are more pricey but they guarantee 200 years old life paper and they also come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which accompanies very limited edition prints (1 to 30).