Except for ‘paulistas’ (people that grew up in Sao Paulo), I didn’t really hear visitors saying that they loved the city.

Although I have been there a few times, this winter holiday I stayed there for a longer period of time and got a bit of the feeling of how it would be to live there.

It is definitely not a beautiful city that takes your breath away at first glance but it has lots of character and the more you discover the more it opens up and goes under your skin.

I felt that the naïve creativity level around the streets of the city is a level above the northern hemisphere metropolises like London or NY. Its chaotic structure gives rise to opportunities for the creative minds, makes life feel less rigid and brings a bit of sunshine even in the dustiest corners.

Sao Paulo has vibrant restaurants and bars, amazing food markets, good exhibitions and lively parks where everyone is there to exercise.

It’s a city full of life and colors and despite all frightening stories, I didn’t feel insecure one bit while walking alone up and down the city and I didn’t meet one single person that was not friendly and talkative to me.

The top of my preferences is Vila Madalena – Sao Paulo’s arty district. Its someday grey corners are now brightened up with amazing street art, concept stores, design shops and art galleries.

Here is a visual summary of Vila Madalena.


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