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AirBnb Packages

Miami is becoming a hot spot in the US and for the rest of the world. Airbnb rentals are not as competitive and design oriented compared to the players in the bigger cities like London and New York, however Miami market is quickly moving that way. 

If you want to get a step ahead of your competition and have your listing ready for this shifting market trend but don’t have a big budget, this is the place for you. 

As a design professional with airbnb hosting experience I know how to priorities a tight budget to help hosts maximize the aesthetics and comfort to create more profitability.

I have created five furniture and accessorises packages (with products from value shops like Ikea, Target, Wallmart etc) that can allow you as a host to transform your space really quickly with a small budget.  

All you need to do is pick your style out of the five styles I created  and send me the dimensions of your space so I can make sure the items in the package fit perfectly in your space. Don’t worry I will explain in detail how to take the measurements. 


Each package contains:

1. A view of your room and how it would look with the selected style (Wall colour, pieces of furniture and accessorises selected)

2.  A shopping list with prices/quantities and links to all the pieces proposed 

3. The total budget for each room 

4. An extra shopping list for things that would give your rental more character/premium feel.


All you have to do now select your preferred style below: 

Studio apartment package start at $600. 

Please contact me for more information