The Design Blueprint is a complete design plan for your space that you implement with your own contractors and trades.

I create the design and provide you with all the scaled drawings, specifications, sketches, furniture selections, and resources you’ll need to make it a reality.

The Design Blueprint includes the same level of service as my Full Service Design, but instead of me placing orders and managing the contractor and trades, I hand over a detailed complete design plan for you to bring to life.  


The Design Blueprint starts at 3000$/room depending on the room and you can get a 1000$ discount for a bundle of three rooms. 


View a sample of a Design Blueprint here. This space was part of a multi-room design created exclusively for my wonderful clients who want to implement the design themselves. Please note that the vendor information has been removed.

Some spaces require custom millwork in order to optimise the space. 

View a sample of Custom Millwork - Concept and Specifications. 

STEP 1. 

I always start with15-20 minute complimentary phone call to discuss your project, introduce ourselves and determine if and which of my services are the right fit for your project.

Discovery Call

STEP 2. 

De-briefing session

After you answer my design questionnaire, and provide photos and measurements of your spaces, we will have a 60 minutes Zoom call in which we will get to know each other, we will walk (virtually) through your home and discuss design challenges, your needs for function, aspirations and aesthetic preferences. That's all I need for me to get started. 

STEP 3. 

Conceptual Design

During the Conceptual Design phase, we confirm the scope of the project, agree on the furniture layout, create a per-room investment plan, and confirm the aesthetic direction of your design project. At the Conceptual Design presentation, you’ll review and approve inspiration boards and initial design selections, too. 

STEP 4. 

Detailed Design

In the Detailed Design phase, I source every furnishing and material and then create detailed floor plans, elevation drawings where needed, Sketchup 3D rendering and moodboards.  The full presentation is shown on Zoom as a complete, shoppable design package ( with links to the actual products proposed) . Material samples (such as paint and wallpaper) are sent to your home by post.

STEP 5. 

Implementation is on you

This is where I hand over your Design Blueprint which will empower you to make things happen! Using my selections and specifications, you can place orders for furniture and decor, and schedule contractors to execute the plan. (I’m happy to help with implementation questions on an hourly basis.)

View a sample of a Remote Interior Design Plan here. 

View a sample of Custom Millwork - Concept and Specifications here.