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I am offering a personal consultation tailored to your specific needs and your own house. 

The Design Consultation is right for you if you are just looking for some guidance on how to pull things together.  It is a two hours meeting where I come to see the space and the exiting furniture and chat with you about your needs and desires for the space.

After the meeting your will always get a written action plan filled with ideas and resources. 

A Design Consultation session is $499

See how it work below:

STEP 1. 

I always start with a 15-20 minute complimentary discovery call to discuss your project, introduce ourselves and determine if and which of my services are the right fit for your project.

Discovery Call

STEP 2. 

Do your homework

I will then send you a questionnaire for you to fill in. It is very important for you to take the time and answer it properly. This will organise your thoughts and prepare me for the meeting so we can work as efficiently as possible.

STEP 3. 

Walk and Talk

To kick off your Design Consultation  we will walk-through your home and talk about the improvements you're dreaming of for each space. You'll let me know what items you want to keep, what you're ready to get rid of, and any design visions you have in mind for your home.

STEP 4. 

Deep Dive

Time to sit and chat in detail about what's working - and what's not - in each space. We'll discuss aesthetics, function, and plan for your furnishings and decor.

Depending on you needs the chat and recomendation could go anywhere from architectural finishes such as countertops, tiles and flooring or decoration ideas  such as  furniture layouts, colours schemes, lighting and accesorises to create a fabulous and cohesive design plan that perfectly suits your style.  

STEP 5. 

Action Plan

Finally, after our meeting I’ll get everything written down and ready for action! I'll put all the suggestions discussed during our meeting and more in a master to-do list. I’ll suggest vendors and resources that meet your needs Basically give you a base to move forward on your own. 

Step 1! Book your free discovery call!