Full Service Design


  • Site Measurements

  • Scaled Floor Plans

  • Sketches were needed

  • Selections: Furniture, Finishes, Fabrics, Window Treatments, etc.

  • Custom cabinetry

  • Technical drawings: elevations, millwork drawings, lighting and electrical plans and much more

  • Sourcing! I'll Purchase on Your Behalf so you can benefit of the discounts. 

  • Coordination and Scheduling of All Deliveries

  • Management of Deliveries

  • Installation of All Furnishings and Accessories

  • Coordination, Scheduling, and Management of All Trades. 


  • Full renovation, Kitchens, Bathrooms (anything that involves a general contractor)

  • Busy professionals with a lot on their plates. 

  • Any Design Project That You Want Fully Taken Off Your Plate

​Interior design is more than stylish spaces. It’s about bringing in multiple people and coordinating many aspects. There will be decisions to made and moving parts that need to be managed - from electricians to plumbers, from carpenters to painters, contractors, and more. Construction and installation can get complicated, fast. It pays to have a pro overseeing the entire process. 

I work with your architects, structural engineers, builders, trades, and craftsmen to create beautiful and functional spaces.

What I can do:


How I do it:




“First I listen. . .”

The consultation and subsequent idea session are so important because they set the scene for the entire project. The client briefs me on the project, we talk through floor plans, lifestyle and aesthetics so that I fully understand the client’s needs. I ask a lot of questions and learn who you are, how you live, what’s most important to you and how you want your new space to feel.


. . . then I interpret dreams. . .”

I take the brief from the client back to the studio where I research creative solutions and schemes for each space.
A comprehensive presentation is put together covering all design aspects to share  my holistic vision and guiding narrative. Detailed floor plans, sketches, joinery concepts and materials illustrating the architectural base alongside carefully selected furnishings including cost estimates are all presented at this stage. 


Detailed design

 . . I add rigour, efficiency and my trusted network of suppliers.”

This is when I dive into further detail - technical drawings and specifications documents for the trades. This is an essential part of the mix as the development of the solution is truly only possible with the help of many different people. With access to trade-only lines and showrooms, you can rest assured that the spaces we create together will be unique


“..I create homes that stand out because they represent their owners.”

I am rigorous in my approach to the final stages of any project. Budgets, placing orders and arranging deliveries. I oversee quality control, installation and styling of every single item thereby turning what can be a very stressful time into something fun and enjoyable for my clients.