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Coloured kitchen cabinets timeless or not?

Lots of my readers have asked me whether or not I am an advocate of coloured kitchen cabinets given I keep talking about timeless design and how important that is.

So are coloured kitchen cabinets timeless?

The short answer is yes. Colour is not a trend! There may be a trending colour of the year – but honestly I always wondered what does that really mean? Does anybody truly paint their home in ‘viva magenta’ or ‘ever green fog’ if it doesn't fit the other elements in their home. I surely hope not.

So colour has been seen all throughout history of architecture, arts and design and it is what it is. We see the world in colour and therefore we use it. So we should paint our homes in whatever colour makes us happy – and that includes the kitchen cabinets. Colour on kitchen cabinets doesn’t add neither a fabrication date nor an expiration one to your kitchen. Having purple cabinets won’t tell you when they have been installed – and that my friend make them timeless.

In an attempt to be the devil’s advocate – I can point out the cons too. Colour is very subjective – I hear you. I might like a colour and you might hate it! So when looking at the argument from the investment value perspective – yes coloured cabinets might have cons. Especially if you are planning to sell your house fairly soon.

However, if the countertops and backsplash are timeless and the kitchen cabinets are not laminate but real wood – this shouldn't be a problem at all as wood kitchen cabinets can be repainted without great trouble. It usually takes between 3-5 days and costs around 4000$-8000$ depending on the kitchen size.

So if you really love a colour and you are thinking of staying in the house for at least 5 years I would really encourage you to paint the cabinets in whatever colour makes you happy! Even if it is ‘viva magenta’. We all have to live in the present moment, right?! Isn’t this what the wise men and self help book say? 😜

The next owner can just repaint them if they are not fond of your colour.


P.S. I have seen the light blue kitchen in real life when I was living in London in Notting-hill. It is as stunning in real life as it looks in the picture. :)

Light blue kitchen - Image from Naked Kitchen

Purple kitchen - Image from Naked Kitchen

Mustard yellow kitchen - image from Naked Kitchens @nakedkitchens

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