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Design principles for rental properties

Updated: May 31

If you bought a house for the purpose of renting it out, here is what you have to think about in terms of improvements. Advantage Properties Inc affirms that how a rental feels is a huge part of what prospective tenants look at before renting a space.

You should ensure the rental is designed so that tenants feel comfortable with it and do not feel a need to change it too much. The design should not be about what you like, but it should appeal to the largest number of potential renters over an extended period of time.


1. Timeless design

Current trends should not dictate the interior finishes of your rental. Trends lose their appeal, and even at the height of their popularity not everyone will like them. The right way is to choose designs that have been around for a long time; survived for decades because they work. A rental with a timeless design will appeal to more renters and also save you the cost of expensive future updates. The more timeless, the more it will leave space for decoration and this will make your tenants happy. Everyone likes to get the chance to create their own unique space. Consider white shaker panel kitchens as they dont have an expiration date and you can decorate around them. Subway tiles are always a timeless choice and also cost efficient. Carrara marble countertops or man made equivalent stone is neutral and goes with anything. Light or medium brown wooden floors will never date.

2. Add lots of natural elements

Adding natural elements to the design makes the home more welcoming. This can mean including natural stone countertops, or using flooring made from natural materials.

3. Maximize storage

In most rental properties, storage is an afterthought. It is rare to find a rental property where tenants are happy with the amount of storage space available. Make your rental stand out in this regard.

Tenants may dislike everything about a rental but still rent it if it has ample storage room. Having enough storage is not just about the volume of space but the different type of storage available.

4. Avoid cheap appliances

Unless it is an upscale rental, you do not need to buy top-of-the-line appliances for the home. But you should also not stock it with cheap appliances. Doing so would hurt your rental business on two counts. First, it will repel good tenants and attract low-quality renters. Second, cheap appliances break down often. If you can, go for medium-scale stainless steel appliances.

5. Ensure there is sufficient lighting

You cannot go wrong with good lighting. Start by allowing as much natural light as possible into the home. Make sure the artificial lighting is well-planned. Good lighting design considers how the different areas of the home will be used. You want to have ambient, accent, and task lighting in every room. You also want lighting fixtures to be functional as well as ornamental.

The ambiance of a rental property is often the one thing that sets apart an average investment property from a wildly successful one. But that kind of phenomenal design does not happen by chance; it is the result of careful planning.

At Studio Andreea Franca, we incorporate design principles into your rental property so it can be a worthwhile investment that can attract quality tenants, improve tenant satisfaction, and increase your rental income.

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