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Happy Sustainable Christmas!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

During the whole year we perhaps try to be sustainable but then… there comes Christmas! When it is all going out the window! We buy mountains of plastic stuff and un-useful socks that we cant recycle.

While Christmas is the festival of giving, it is also the festival of consuming. It would be a good idea to be a little more intentional about keeping a balance. Have a celebration, be kind to yourself and your loved ones but don't be wasteful.

So what are the tips for a Sustainable Christmas?

It is all about being a little creative!

1. Use the same decorations year to year. Perhaps you can buy 1-2 new pieces to remind you of this Christmas but to change the whole Christmas decorations from year to year is a little unwise. Vintage tree decorations always have more character. And if you don't have your own you can always buy some vintage pieces from thrift shops. Your Christmas tree will look much more fun and personal that way!

2. Gift wrapping – try to wrap your gifts in brown paper and instead of buying plastic bows and ribbons – you can always use fabric ribbon that can be reused by the next person. And it looks far more luxurious anyway!

3. Buy a faux tree only if you are going to keep it for at least 10 years. Otherwise you are better off buying a tree that was sustainably grown for this purpose. Potted Christmas tree is always an option! :)

4. Paper chains are back in fashion!

5. Edible decorations – they surely looks very ‘pintresty’ and there is almost no waste.

As about sutainable toys for the kids...that's another chapter to reflect on. I didn't yet figure it out but here are some ideas...😅

  • Cute fabric dolls

  • Eco beach set toys

  • Fun balance board game

  • Wooden chess set

Have a Merry little Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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