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Living beautifully while renting out

The statistics show that the 30s are the new 20s and the 40s are your new 30s. People are settling down later and everything seems to happen a little later in life including buying a home. Don't let this put you off living beautifully.

I have worked on a few projects for rentals and I can assure you the result can be stunning.

1. Dont be afraid to paint the walls or put wallpaper. Did you hear anyone getting their whole deposit back at the end of their tenency? ( I didn't!) So you might as well enjoy your space and just have it repainted white at the end.

So you can go crazy and make it personal - paint the walls, add wallpaper.

Sage colour seems to be all over Pintrest. I am not a big fan of trends but this i must say is one I love and I believe it will last.

Checkout where you can orders samples of a wide variety of wallpaper. Even if you just add it to one wall or you go all in, either way wallpaper always guarantees an added effect. Your space will stand out.

2. Hang your arwork!! Dont worry about those tiny holes. They can be covered up in seconds at the end of your tennacy. Any home depo sells white filler. It looks like a creamy white paste that gets hard after applied. You can apply it with a flat butter knife. Nobody will even know there was once a hole there.

.And if you don't have artwork - Improvise! Bare walls are neither cosy nor inviting! You can always buy some interesting posters from sites like

If you own any collections try to display them on the walls. Nothing gives more character than personal meaningful objects.

3. Add plants. Head off to your local Home Depot or any Garden Centre and find - Fiddle leaf fig tree or Bird of paradise. These are two low maintenance plants that will add a vibrant feel to your space. Don't forget to add some nice woven baskets to hide the pots. This will add a cosy feel to your rented space.

4. Change the lighting fixtures. You can find really beautiful and affordable fixtures on amazon. It takes an electrician no more than half an hour to install one. This will offer your space a fresh modern look away from the standard light fixtures bought in bulk by the contractor who built the place.

5. Add curtains. Curtains always dress a home so well. There is such a big variety of ready made curtains now that you dont have to spend an arm and a leg to get your space looking elegant. Check and for endless options of beautiful curtains. I prefer soft velvets or linen curtains for a more luxurious look.

I hope this was helpful and if you need any further help redecorating your rented space - I am always happy to help! :)

Below some renders I did for some clients who were renting their apartments in Brickell. The renders I do usually come with shopping links to all the products you see in the images so that my clients are just a click away from a beautiful and inviting home!

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