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The return of boudoir

Could the reinvention of the ‘boudoir’ so appreciated in the 19th century, be the solution to today’s chaotic world?

What is the idea behind it? A little room just for you and your wellbeing. Containing a wardrobe for clothes, a sink, a big mirror and a comfy sitting area where you can gather your thoughts and emotions – just a place to unwind and feel good.

Perhaps the boudoir is not coming back in the “woke” world as it can be associated with the societal roles and expectations of women from the past, but the bathrooms should definitely take some of its positive attributes.

Here is how to go beyond the functional bathroom role and transform it into a

relaxing living space.

- Include natural elements like plants, wood and natural stone to create a spa like atmosphere

- Use decorative lighting and colours to create a warm atmosphere. Grey tiles and down lights are not the answer!

- Incorporate personal touches such as art and photos

- Add comfortable sitting such as a bench or armchair

- Incorporating a sound system

- Have a good ventilation system to keep the steam out!

Image from Oakley st Project - Principal Bathroom as a Living space.

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