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What is the timeline of an interior design project?

How long a project will take will be hard to tell without some expertise. IGTV doesn't manage home owner’s expectations, because reality is very different than TV!

Below we are going to unveil the mystery behind the timing of an interior design project whether it contains construction or not. Most design project will take at least 6 month and could go up to 2 years where construction is involved.

At Studio Andreea Franca I use a standardised design and project management process to make sure my projects are delivered on time (and on budget)!

I will take you through this process to help you understand the time involved! Let’s dive in!



Good contractors and other building professionals have busy schedules, so it is best to have them booked well ahead of time. (even before you know exactly what will be done they need to save spots for you in their schedules) Working with an interior designer will save you some time as, we usually have a trusted team of trades that we can recommend. (Miami is not the easiest place to find reliable building professionals! 😛)

Hiring an interior designer first is a good idea, because we can lead the way and help you gather a team faster and easier. This is because a designer will create a schedule of works based on your goals (shared in your design consultation). This will make it easy to know what trades are needed on the job and to plan their involvement efficiently.

Timeline: This can take a few weeks or even months if done on your own.


During this phase the following things are established.

· The aesthetic you would like to achieve. This is done through design concept boards to establish your preferred look and vibe.

· Floor plans – should be agreed at this stage too. This is crucial for any successful design project, but especially if your project involves construction. We’ll know in advance how many walls are staying and whether plumbing is getting moved. This will allow the contractor and other trades to give you accurate quotes.

· The floor plan will also be the foundation of your furniture and finishes sourcing list. It is much more efficient to know in advance the furniture arrangement so that we know to look for a sectional sofa or a 3 seater sofa with 2 armchairs for example.

· Begin creating ballpark estimate to establish the range for your investment – good/better/best.

Standard Timeline for Concept Design:

· Single Room: 2-3 weeks

· Whole House: 4-8 weeks

Design Timeline with Construction:

· Single Room: 2-3 weeks + 2-4 weeks to obtain contractor quotes

· Whole House: 4-8 weeks + 2-4 weeks to obtain contractor quotes


This is where all the work happens.

The agreed floor plans, estimated budget and aesthetic direction and will be taken to the next level by refining all the details – finishes, selections and detailed budgets will be created.

During this step all drawings, which usually include a final floor plan, lighting plan and electrical plan, millwork elevations, as well as detailed finish and material schedules, are created. These drawings are the base on which the contractor will work. The drawings will tell him and his team what materials were selected, where and how they go.

For large projects, this could be hundreds of line items!

Standard Timeline for Detailed Design:

· Single Room: 2-3 weeks for drawings and selections + 1-2 weeks for revisions and budget creation

· Whole House: 4-8 weeks for drawings and selections + 2-3 weeks for revisions and budget creation

Design Timeline with Construction:

· Single Room: 2-6weeks for drawings and construction selections + 1-2 weeks for revisions

· Whole House: 2-3 months for drawings and selections + 2-3 weeks for revisions

· Up to several months for an architectural project



Procurement involves placing highly detailed orders for your items, communicating with vendors and manufacturers, tracking shipments and deliveries, handling any issues that arise, and storing every item in the warehouse.

Standard Timeline for Procurement Phase:

· Single Room: 1-2 weeks for ordering + 6-12 week lead time

· Whole House: 2-3 weeks for ordering + 6-12 week lead time

Design Timeline with Construction:

· Single Room: 1-2 weeks for ordering + 6 -12 week lead time

· Whole House: 3-4 weeks for ordering + 6-12 week lead time


Renovations can take anywhere from 3 weeks to several months depending on the scope of your project.

You’ll know the timeline of your construction project after the Detailed Design Stage.

Timeline for Construction: 3 weeks to several months, depending on the scope


This is the moment when we finally get to install the items we’ve ordered for you and professionally style your space.

Treat yourself to a day out so you can come back to a ‘magazine worthy space’.

Standard Timeline: 1 day, 2-3 days for larger projects

As you see the whole process is more than the snap of the fingers as it is on IGTV. Hopefully this guideline will help you plan ahead and create a realistic timeline for your interior design project.

If you didn't yet download the Remodeling Project Planner – go ahead and download it here as it will definitely help you get started.

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