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A top-tier Interior Design Studio. We pride ourselves as the go-to interior designer for individuals and businesses seeking chic, lovable, and timeless spaces that embody sophistication, while incorporating playful elements that spark joy and creativity. The studio offers a fully coordinated service providing both design and implementation and delivering the schemes as they were intended. 

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Design journey:

Andreea founded Studio Andreea Franca back in 2016 in one of London’s most idyllic neighbourhoods – Nottinghill. In 2021, Andreea expanded her operations to Miami Florida with the intention of bringing the effortless European chic look to the exuberant Floridan environment.  

Andreea studied Interior Design and Art History at the University of the Arts London. She 'sharpened her teeth' for several years in the formidable high end studio - Interiors with Art in London’s west end. Andreea has a client driven approach, as she draws from her business experience in the advertising industry which she pursued at the beginning of her career. 

Design Philosophy:

She believes design transforms our lives, by promoting beauty and wellbeing. She cultivates strong relationships with her clients, in order to understand  their vision beyond what they can express or imagine. 

Andreea brings a modern take on classic European living. She is fond of colour, texture, patterns and a mix of elements. She often activates spaces with statement lighting, bold artwork and a calibrated balance of colour and contrast. She believes a designer has the duty to create timeless interiors. She designs spaces that are alive and inspire her clients for years to come. 

The studio was featured in:

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