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Since the arrival of baby Tomas 6 month ago, travelling has been a bit more challenging. Weekends seemed to have gotten pretty similar to one another. So last weekend we decided to take a brake the 3 of us and

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I especially appreciate architects who take a challenging not to call it unpleasant space and transform it into something so desirable. This is exactly what Hogarth architects did with the hidden house. A house hidden at the end of the muse, facing a

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So… I’ve been busy! I realized it has been two years since I didn’t sign in here. Life took me by surprise yet again. I had amazing experiences and adventures during these two years. I met and worked along some

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January 27, 2017

Apartment for sale

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My brief was to give a new look to a one bedroom apartment so that it could be quickly sold. The owner thought that the flat would sell much better if it has a polished look even if done very cheaply.

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I am currently working on a very exciting project and I am so thrilled that i needed to share the news. Besides the fact that its location is very exotic, the project itself is challenging and full of opportunities for out of

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Lavish restaurant combining the Brazilian vibrant atmosphere with haute cuisine. A deep appreciation for enjoying life and celebrating with friends is beating at the heart of BARU. A young chef, former punk and DJ bringing Brazilian flavours into European cuisine.

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The brief for this project was to design a luxurious interior for a couple with a busy lifestyle who want to come back to a friendly but elegant environment. They don’t spend huge amounts of time at home but when

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This year’s CRAFT exhibition pleasantly surprised me again by hosting some very innovative designers and craftsmen.

Below is a summary of what attracted my attention.

Except for ‘paulistas’ (people that grew up in Sao Paulo), I didn’t really hear visitors saying that they loved the city.

Although I have been there a few times, this winter holiday I stayed there for a longer period of time and got a bit of the feeling of how it would be to live there.

The words “hostel” and “luxury” don’t seem to go so well together. The new concept of boutique hostels might just join these two.
It is for the travellers who appreciate style and want to travel accordingly, but who are also on a budget.

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