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Interior Design for Luxury New Construction
& Full-Scale Renovations



I'm Andreea, Miami based interior designer. 

My main skill is to make the remodelling  process smooth and enjoyable for my clients

Interior design trends rise and fall - I 
believe in timeless design. 

My aesthetic ethos is endlessly classic while refreshingly modern. The look is rooted in tradition but it is always contemporary. 

I think every room should sing a little. I love the tension of combining art, antiques, craft, colour, pattern, and texture; the careful layering brings character and the feeling of a home.



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When life feels chaotic and you are running between your busy work hours and your adorable, energetic children, you want your home to be a a place of beauty, comfort and calm. You long for a home that looks and feels like you, but the idea of going through a renovation, finding and managing builders, selecting paint colours, window treatments, lighting and accessorises, only stresses you. We free our clients from all that.

what clients are saying

"Andrea has a lot of architectural knowledge and can more than hold her own when it comes to construction. Saved us a fortune and also no mistakes (which we would have made if we’d done ourselves!). We were planning to air bnb this apartment so also required a more distinctive style that would be set apart in photos. Having an expert to come in and make suggestions and moreover research and source furniture that was in budget was invaluable.


Andrea is organised, timely and a diplomatic! Maybe some people don’t realise but a huge benefit of an interior designer is that she can manage the sometimes fractious relationship with your builder but moreover also between husband and wife! She found ways to cleverly steer the project so that all parties were happy. Often a stressful element with renovation is agreeing with your partner and having that 3rd eye made all the difference. 

I couldn’t recommend Andrea enough and would definitely use her again."


Amanda S. 

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