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Family Room Ridgewood road Coral Gables  Studio Andreea Franca

Chic & loveable interiors

Specialised in serving successful busy professionals. 

A top tier boutique interior design studio based in Miami offering full service design - from concept to a fully furnished home!


The studio is a perfect fit for busy professionals, seeking interior design services that reflect their refined taste, appreciate timeless elegance, desire spaces that evoke a sense of love and admiration, and want to add a touch of playfulness and joy to their environments. 

Andreea guides her clients on how to create that effortless European chic look - finding authenticity in the unexpected and warmth in the imperfect. She loves combining precious and common pieces, formal and informal, old and new, colour, pattern, and texture; the careful layering brings a stylish character and a warm atmosphere.  

Andreea believes the process can make or break a design experience, which is why she closely guides her clients throughout the entire design operation so that they can see/understand every part, be confident and have fun!

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When life feels chaotic and you are running between your busy work hours and your adorable, energetic children, you want your home to be a a place of beauty, comfort and calm. You long for a home that you are proud of, a home that looks and feels like you, but the idea of going through a renovation, finding and managing builders, selecting paint colours, furniture, lighting and accessorises, only stresses you. We free our clients from all that.

Coral Gables Ridgewood Road Dining room built in shelves Studio Andreea Franca


Explore the creative transformations of our various projects. 

what clients are saying

"We had an excellent experience working with Andreea on the interior design of our new home. Andreea is incredibly professional, patient and creative! She really got to know our goals and preferences and incorporated those nuances in her detailed designs. Her support was invaluable in keeping projects on track and working with various external parties. Her expertise was invaluable throughout the process. Most importantly, we're in love with the outcome of all her efforts in our home!"

Juliet N.

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